“Lynn was and is my savior! She worked closely with me while I learned to take over the business books. She made the transition a breeze. Her calm personality made learning easy and stress free. Lynn now visits once a month, seeing that Mackat’s books are run efficiently and effectively. Lynn gives us peace of mind.”


Mackat Transportation

The expertise that Lynn and her team provide to our company has elevated our business from a two-person endeavour to a team of nine in a few short years. Hiring someone internally that possesses the profound knowledge and access to software tools HealthyBOOKS has accumulated would be inconceivable to a small business.  Their approach to bookkeeping is professional and welcoming. They are a pleasure to deal with on a regular basis and their passion for what they do keeps spirits high! Indispensable.” 

Jonathan M. Ball

President, Diskdaddy Software & Web Development Inc.

“If HealthyBOOKS didn’t take on my business’ finances, I’d probably be divorced by now! Kidding aside, my wife reluctantly tackled the financial end of my business when I first launched, and it was causing us both stress. HealthyBOOKS swooped in and made it such an effortless transition. They’re patient, professional and know their stuff.”

Greg England

England Building Services

“HealthyBOOKS does a wonderful job, especially since they are on top of all of my mistakes. They are friendly, prompt, and my accountant even gives me a discount as everything is neat, tidy, organized, and thus easier for him. When I first started with HealthyBOOKS, I thought I would be able to tackle what they do by myself, but after a while I realized I had been wrong. I have a better appreciation for all that goes into neat, tidy, organized books now and will continue to let them provide that for me, as I am now certain that I cannot.”

Matt Dillenbeck

Owner, Home Inspections Co.

“Lynn and her team at HealthyBOOKS have provided excellent service. She has been my bookkeeper since I started my company. Using HealthyBOOKS was an excellent choice for my business.”

Rob Bradley

Owner, Regional Plumbing & Water Treatment