About Us

When you first launched your business, you never imagined that your books could hamper your enthusiasm for your work. But let’s face it – bookkeeping is stressful.

You want to focus on growing your business, but feel weighed down by that growing list of bookkeeping must-do’s.

Whether it’s balancing the bank, figuring out payroll or staying compliant with CRA, you’re tired of the accounting must-do’s getting in the way of your passion for your business.

Let’s change that.

At HealthyBOOKS Bookkeeping Services, we enjoy taking the bookkeeping stress off business owners’ shoulders.

Here’s why: our crew loves all things numbers, and we want to give our clients confidence that their books are in order. Plus, we’re fun to work with.

From working with one-person operations, to sole proprietors, to partnerships and to corporations, we help clients navigate through the financial headaches that pop-up unexpectedly while running a business. And don’t worry – we won’t throw accounting jargon at you in our meetings.

At HealthyBOOKS, we work with services-based businesses and organizations, including those within the construction trades, professional, healthcare, and technology industries.

In other words: we’re the bookkeeping gurus who work hard behind the scenes to ensure your business has financial clarity.

Staying Current

Here’s what matters most to us: that your job gets easier. To do that, HealthyBOOKS uses the most current technology and software platforms that make businesses more efficient. We use cloud-based software such as Quickbooks Online, WagePointT-SheetsReceipt Bank, HubdocDropBox, Plooto, and Waypay just to name a few.

Don’t know what any of these things mean?

That’s totally okay. What does matter is that we’ll make your life easier by making your financials more accessible and easier to understand.

Our memberships and affiliates

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We Love Learning

If you follow us on Instagram or Facebook, you’ll quickly learn a thing or two about us. Not only will you see that we’re big on family-time and community, but you’ll also find out just how much we love to learn.

Continuing education is important to us, so we’re often enrolled in weekly online training programs, webinars and annual conferences to stay on top of our bookkeeping game.